Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prime Minister Of Tunisian Promises To Quit Politics

Saturday 22nd January 2011

TUNIS,TUNISIA – On Friday,  at a National TV Interview, current Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi said that he would quit politics  in the shortest possible timeframe.
Mohamed Ghannouchi and his political party plan  to hold polls within six months. But the party hasn’t set a date yet for the polls.
There was a protest on Saturday on the street of Tunis  to demand the cabinet to resign. Even the police join in the protest against the government.
The protest was pretty intense and dramatic until a week they were defending the no w ousted government of former Tunisian Prime Minister Ben Ali.
The Tunisians police  said they will not be blamed for many death of the protesters since middle December. They were also chanting “ We are the innocent blood of the Martyrs “
The protestors also plan to make a union for police and   get better  pay.
After the protest,  the fellow people of Tunisia put candles on the streets for the mourning of the victim of who been tortured by  the dictator Ben Ali. Ben Ali and his family  has flee of to Saudi Arabia since 14th January . Their family have gone there for shelter.
The protests against Ben Ali’s  rule began after a man set himself on fire in central Tunisia on 17th December.
In my opinion, justice should be serve for the people of Tunisia against Mr. Ben Ali for crime against humanitarian rights.

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